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“If you know what your worth, go out and get what your worth… but you got to be willing to take the hits. “

“Until you start believing in yourself… you’re not going to have a life.”


The key to not settling and living your dreams is the ability to stay dedicated and focused regardless of what gets in your way. This could mean CrossFit, careers, relationships or anything that is worth going after.

Many believe they can’t do something because they “size” themselves up against others. In CrossFit for instance, some glance at the other guys in the room and think “shit, I could never lift that weight”. This is often accompanied by others agreeing with their mistaken expectation “yea, that’s insane. I don’t think anyone else could do that”. In essence they let others define who they are, and if that was their dream, suddenly it becomes “unrealistic”.

If you know what you want, and you know you’re worth it (you almost always are, as long as it’s truly your passion) then GO FOR IT.


Yes, people may knock you down and tell you that you can’t do it giving you a bunch of plausible reasons why this is the case… Don’t listen.


Life will bring you to your knees just when you think you’re getting somewhere… Stand tall.


Make no mistake, when you are down and out and feel like your dreams are far far away life will hit you once more. Tomorrow will be harder, but you will be stronger and more capable of fighting it.


There may be times when people turn against you. But you will find better, more helpful friends.


There will be times when you are tested with attractive incentives to stray course… Stay focused.


Chances are, you will fail and fall… get up and stand with more purpose, more dedication and more commitment then you ever have. This is what it takes to live your dreams, and be the best.


“If you know what your worth, go out and get what your worth… but you got to be willing to take the hits. “

It’s not the born naturals that generally make it far in life… it’s the ones that have to work for what they want. The ones that can’t do one pull-up in the beginning are the ones that turn into monsters with the right attitude.

When I first started CrossFit, I could not do more then 10 (elbows locked, chin over) pull-ups. I can now do 72 unbroken (kipping). My first “press” was 45 pounds… an empty bar. It’s now 200 pounds. People who have only seen me in the last couple of months may mistakenly believe I was always good, and I am just inhuman. Nothing is further from the truth. The one thing that separates me from most is my attitude. Every time I lose, lift less than the person next to me, or fail, I smile knowing that I will learn everything about why this was the case and do what ever it takes to make sure it never happens again.

“Until you start believing in yourself… you’re not going to have a life”

Not until you believe you can do it will you actually be able to do it. This is what separates those who dream and those who live. When you believe in yourself it allows you to tune out those who say you can’t, to get up when you fall down, and gives you the unmatched strength to stand tall after the worst experience hits you leaving you with nothing more than a smile and the words “that all you got?”


CrossFit InspirationCreative Commons License photo credit: ethorson



Inspiration from Some of the Best


Turned down by the deckor recording company who said “we don’t like their sound, and guitars are on the way out”… The Beatles

A failed soldier, real estate agent and farmer who began working for his dad at age 38… Ulysses S Grant

Cut from his high school basketball team, he spent all night crying in his room… Michael Jordan

Fired from a newspaper because he has no “imagination” or “creative ideas”… Walt Disney

Mistakes will happen, you may wind up in situations that absolutely suck, but they are all necessary to reach your dreams, and to make sure you settle for no less along the way.

Believe in yourself, find your dream and live it by taking the hits…


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  • G Deklerk

    This really resonated with me!  Thank you!

    • Devin Ford

      Hey! I’m glad to hear that! Comments like that are the reason I love writing like this!