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Devin Ford
Owner - Head Coach

Devin is a 6 time regional competitor, full time athlete and owner of CrossFit Transcend. Growing up as a martial arts student, Devin received his 2nd degree black belt by the age of 12. It was clear that competition and physical performance would be a huge passion for him. After he tried various arts such as jui-jitsu, muy thai, tae kwon do, boxing and plenty others, he found CrossFit. Ever since that day over 7 years ago Devin has done nothing but learn the science and the workings of the physical body with extra focus on nutrition to better himself and others around him. Now, Devin is a full time athlete and owner of CrossFit Transcend, he has lived and been coached by the best in the world including first CrossFit Games Champion James Fitzgerald and Max El-Hag of Training Think Tank. He travels frequently to learn and to train among the best.

Devin was a student at many formal colleges including John Jay and Stony Brook University, with majors ranging from biochemistry, psychology and English. After attempting to use what he learned in the real world he was amazed how little he had been taught, since then he had abandoned the norm route of education and learned on his own. Eventually Devin learned first-hand among the brightest minds in the fitness world including James FitzGerald, John Berardi, Robb Wolf, Lorean Cordain, Dr. Barry Sears, Gray Cook, Tim Ferris and Greg Glassman. Devin continues to increase his knowledge of health and fitness and share it here on his blog. Devin offers personal programing and nutritional consultations as well as onsite coaching and programming.

Devin's Credentials:
• CrossFit Level 1 Certified
• CrossFit Running and Endurance Certified
• CrossFit Gymnastics Certified
• Precision Nutrition Certified Nutritionist
Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master coach
• Functional Movement Screening Practitioner (FMS)
• OPT Assessment Module
• Robb Wolf Nutrition Seminar
• Endeavor Team Challenge Plank-owner
• Owner of CrossFit Transcend and coach to many remote athletes
• One of few athletes to have competed at 6 CrossFit Games Regional Competition from 2009 till now and looks to compete at the international Games within a couple years.

Snatch: 260lbs
Clean and Jerk: 330lbs
Max Handstand Pushups: 55 unbroken
"Fran" : 2:19
"Helen" : 7:30
Deadlift: 500lbs
Squat: 410lbs
Max Chest to Bar pullups: 65

  • 631-627-8390
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Coach - Co-owner

Larry began his Crossfit journey in 2008 when looking for a better way of controlling his Type 1 Diabetes. Although it is a constant challenge to manage this disease, CrossFit became part of his lifestyle that benefit his well-being through a healthy combination of exercise and nutrition.

Larry is a four-time regional competitor. He has competed in the 2009-2012 NorthEast CrossFit Regionals. Additionally, Larry also competes amongst the elite athletes in competitions such as Beast of the East and the Granite Games. Recently he was qualified to become an athlete of The Harlem Horseman amateur Grid League team.

Through his CrossFit experiences he has encountered over the past several years, Larry has become determined to be able to share his knowledge with others to see how CrossFit can benefit your life. He is certified in the following:

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Gymnastics
CrossFit Running and Endurance
CrossFit Movement and Mobility by Kstar

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